Cinematography Photography Awards (CAPA) is photography and film competition with IMDb Qualifing Festival

The project was also supported and publicized by local television stations and the festival has gained increasing attention.

If you are a filmmaker, photographer and are aiming to get a reward for your skills and hard work, this is the best place to watch out for in order to get a chance of winning an international film and/or photography award.

Since photography also combines film and music video, we decided to prepare a screening of some selected films for visitors. If you’re serious about improving your skills and building your photo/film brand and reputation as a photographer and/or filmmaker, joining our contest is the best thing to do to collect experiences and learning!

Given the current situation regarding COVID, the CAPA team decided to screen the best films online. We believe that in this way we will bring film art closer to more people and filmmakers, as if we were organizing a live screening in front of a few audiences.